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Julie McGregor shares a piece of her breastfeeding journey with Baby Ian who is pictured above before and after lactation consults.

Jodie saved my breastfeeding journey with my son. The pediatrician we were seeing when he was born kept telling us his screaming during feeding was normal, and due to his failure to thrive, we were going to have to switch to formula. As a first time mom, I was heartbroken. I called Jodie sobbing, and she saw us immediately. Right away she could see that our son had a tongue and a lip tie, and also acid reflux. She helped me change over to a pediatrician who supported us and our breastfeeding journey. Our son started gaining weight right away, and with her help, we were able to continue breastfeeding until WE decided to be finished. I absolutely recommend Jodie to anyone who will listen, and am forever grateful for her knowledge, compassion, and help with our son. 

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