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I provide comfortable and personalized Lactation Consults.  In the comfort of your own home or on telemedicine.  I specialize in supporting sucking skills, oral restrictions such as lip and tongue ties, low tone and body tension in the newborn.  I work with all types of lactation concerns from simple to complex, including inducing lactation.  I’m experienced in working with birth and lactation for over 20 years in Hospital Birthing Centers both on the mainland and Hawaii.  I started my career as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant at Mayo Clinic on the mainland, I moved back to Hawaii in 2013 and recently relocated to California in 2022.  I would love to help you and your family meet your personal feeding goals. Together we will make a plan to help you and your baby grow together and thrive.   
I’m experienced in teaching childbirth Education for over 9 years.  I can bring my class into the comfort of your home and offer a prenatal breastfeeding consult.
I’m a 200 hour and prenatal trained yoga teacher.  I have experience in teaching group classes, privates and instructing at teacher trainings.  I’m a reiki practitioner and can offer reiki during yoga or with lactation as an added bonus.  As a mama myself I understand that motherhood can be a balancing act and self care is important.  Getting the support you need and taking care of yourself is vital.  If you would like a private yoga session I would love to help you get the self care you need.

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